Here the relation between genotype and phenotype is illustrated, using a Punnett square .... phenotype, inheritance, or genome in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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the genetic makeup of an organism or group of organisms with reference to a single trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of traits. 2. the sum total of genes ...

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The genetic makeup, as distinguished from the physical appearance, of an organism or a group of organisms. 2. The combination of alleles located on ...

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Definition. definitions of genotype and phenotype. Geno. Relationship. the realtionship between genotype and phenotype ...
Definition: The genetic makeup of an organism. More »
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Jul 27, 2008 ... The genotype refers to the entire set of genes in a cell, an organism, or an individual. A gene for a particular character or trait may exist in two ...

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The traits you have inherited are the result of your genotype, the makeup of your specific genes as passed on from your ancestors. As a verb, to genotype refers ...

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The definition of genotype is the genetic constitution or genetic makeup of a particular organism or group of organisms. The epidermal growth factor receptor  ...

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[International Scientific Vocabulary gene] : all or part of the genetic constitution of an individual or group — compare phenotype. — ge·no·typ·ic \ˌjē-nə-ˈti-pik, ...

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May 13, 2015 ... In this lesson, you will learn about what genotypes are, where they come from and how they play a major role in determining how your body ...

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Q: Definition of genotype?
A: A genotype is what makes up your genes, what your DNA is made up of, and what types of traits you receive from your parents. As opposed to a phenotype which des... Read More »
Q: What is the definition of genotype and phenotype?
A: Genotype(n)sum total of genes given from parent to Read More »
Q: What is the definition of genotype?
A: Genotype:1:a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution; 2:the Read More »
Q: What is the definition of genotype?
A: The genotype is the specific genetic makeup (the specific genome) of an individual, in the form of DNA. Together with the environmental variation that influence... Read More »
Q: What is the definition for Genotype and Phenotype ratios?
A: The genotype is the actual code for a trait. Hidden on the chromosome we can never actually see the alleles controlling the trait unless we sequence the DNA. Th... Read More »