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A polyamide is a macromolecule with repeating units linked by amide bonds. Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Examples of naturally occurring ...

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Polyamide definition, a polymer in which the monomer units are linked together by the amide group –CONH–. See more.

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Define polyamide. polyamide synonyms, polyamide pronunciation, polyamide translation, English dictionary definition of polyamide. n. A polymer containing ...

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Define polyamide: a compound characterized by more than one amide group especially : a polymeric amide (as nylon)—polyamide in a sentence.

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The definition of a polyamide is a natural or synthetic compound having two or more amide groups. An example of a polyamide is nylon. YourDictionary ...

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As far as Polyamide Fabric is concerned, it is generally sold as nylon in all parts of the world. In fact, nylon is defined as a group of synthetic polyamide polymer.

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A synthetic polymer of a type made by the linkage of an amino group of.... Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Definition of “polyamide” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with insights into ...

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Broadly defined, the polyamides include proteins and peptides, which are naturally produced polymers consisting of amino-acid repeating units. (In molecular ...

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Jul 16, 2012 ... Both synthetic fibres are very tear-proof and abrasion-resistant and absorb little moisture (thus good transport of moisture away from the body) ...

[pol-ee-am-ahyd, -id]
a polymer in which the monomer units are linked together by the amide group –CONH–.
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polyamide | Define polyamide at Dictionary.com
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