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... a hollow dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, an endostyle, and a post-anal tail for at least some period of their life cycles. ... 2 Definition; 3 Subdivisions.

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A postanal tail is an extension of the spinal chord that extends beyond the animal's anus. Postanal tails are a feature of all chordates, which is a phylum that  ...

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Definition: The process in which a post-anal tail is generated and organized. A post-anal tail is a muscular region of the body that extends posterior to the anus.

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All chordates have a post-anal tail. A post-anal tail is an extension of the body that runs past the anal opening. In some species, like humans, this feature is only  ...

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Psychoanalysis. of or relating to the second stage of psychosexual development, during which gratification is derived from the retention or expulsion of feces.

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Animals in the phylum Chordata share four key features: a notochord, a dorsal hollow nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, and a post-anal tail.

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Click here to search on 'Post-Anal Muscular Tail' or equivalent… Click on icons ... Pop Quiz – test your biology titude → define "controlled variables" Free, Online ...

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Lastly, all chordates have a post-anal tail, or extension of the notochord and nerve cord past the anus. This feature is also lost in the adult stages of many ...

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Oct 3, 2005 ... Postanal. postanal. (Science: anatomy) Situated behind, or posterior to, the anus. Origin: Pref. Post- _ anal. Retrieved from ...

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Q: What is a postanal tail.
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A: It is one of the characteristic feature of the chordates to have gills notochord tail etc. although many of these cannot be seen in human but believe it is pres... Read More »
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