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In stream restoration, river engineering or coastal engineering, revetments are sloping ... mostly to their employment in the American Civil War, a revetment is defined as a "retaining wall constructed to support the interior slope of a parapet.


Define revetment: a facing (as of stone or concrete) to sustain an embankment.


Revetment definition, a facing of masonry or the like, especially for protecting an embankment. See more.


Dec 14, 2007 ... Definition of Revetment: A revetment is a facing of stone, concrete units or slabs, etc., built to protect a scarp, the foot of a cliff or a dune, a dike ...


Mar 16, 2009 ... The article further explains how and why the application of a seawall or revetment might be used to resolve well-defined real life coastal ...


Revetment definition: a facing of stones, sandbags , etc, to protect a wall, embankment , or earthworks | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


These training walls are built of stone with flat revetments to protect them against ice. By means of a series of training walls, by groynes thrown out from the ...


A facing, as of masonry, used to support an embankment. 2. A barricade against explosives. American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth ...


Definition of revetment - (especially in fortification) a retaining wall or facing of masonry or other material, supporting or protecting a rampart, wall, e.

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