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Liaison means communication between two or more groups, or co-operation or working together. Liaison or liaisons may refer to: Liaison (French), the ...

Liaison | Definition of Liaison by Merriam-Webster


a person who helps organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each other. : a relationship that allows different organizations or groups ...

[lee-ey-zawn, lee-uh-zon, -zuhn or, often, ley-; lee-ey-zuhn, -zon; French lye-zawn]
the contact or connection maintained by communications between units of the armed forces or of any other organization in order to ensure concerted action, cooperation, etc.
a person who initiates and maintains such a contact or connection.
an illicit sexual relationship.
Cookery. the process of thickening sauces, soups, etc., as by the addition of eggs, cream, butter, or flour.
Phonetics. a speech-sound redistribution, occurring especially in French, in which an otherwise silent final consonant is articulated as the initial sound of a following syllable that begins with a vowel or with a silent h, as the z- and n-sounds in Je suis un homme
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Liaison definition, the contact or connection maintained by communications between units of the armed forces or of any other organization in order to ensure  ...

Liaison officer


A liaison officer is a person who liaises between two organizations to communicate and coordinate their activities. Generally, liaison officers are used to achieve ...

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liaison definition, meaning, what is liaison: communication between people or groups who work with each other: . Learn more.

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Answer added by: وليد محى الدين عبدالقادر 3 years ago. Good liaison skills include: cooperating with others, being able to work as a team, good communication, ...

Customer Liaison Skills Training for Managers and Professionals


We'll give you a high-powered set of customer liaison skills, a very ... So it needn't be a disaster - potentially it's very good for business if you handle it with skill.

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A client liaison acts as an intermediary between the company or agency and the client to meet the ... The client liaison must maintain high-level professional communication skills and demonstrate a ... What makes a good personal assistant? Q: ...

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