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special-interest group
[spesh-uhl in-ter-ist, in-trist]
a body of persons, corporation, or industry that seeks or receives benefits or privileged treatment, especially through legislation.
Digital Technology. a subgroup within a user group where members share information or research in specialized fields. Abbreviation: SIG
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A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community within a larger organization with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or ...


Define special interest: a group that tries to influence the people who run a government in order to help a… — special interest in a sentence.


Special interest group definition, Also called special interest. a body of persons, corporation, or industry that seeks or receives benefits or privileged treatment, ...


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Definition of special interest group (SIG): See interest group.


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Each Special Interest Group has its own organization, sometimes publishes a newsletter or journal, and holds conferences on topics of its special interest.