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Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016 - Wikipedia


The 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries and caucuses were a series of electoral ...... preference polls and attendance was extremely limited. The unpledged delegate count did not always ref...

RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 — Democratic Delegate Count


RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 — Democratic Delegate Count.

RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 — Republican Delegate Count


Delegates in Colorado are selected through a process that starts with the March 1st caucuses and culminates at the state convention on April 9th. Colorado ...

2016 Presidential Election Interactive Map


Interactive map for do-it-yourself projections of the electoral college results in the presidential election. Includes results of prior elections and each state's voting ...

2016 Delegate Count Tracker: 2016 Election - POLITICO


Jul 25, 2016 ... In order to become the Republican party's 2012 presidential nominee, hopefuls need to win the support of a majority of the 2340 delegates to ...

2016 Electoral Map (Interactive) - CNN.com


donald trump says he wants to redraw the political map to take the white house. pick a map — based on CNN's, the 2008 or 2012 election results or start from ...

Democratic Primary Results – 2016 Election - CNN.com


The CNN delegate estimate reflects the results of various primaries and caucuses as well as the results of an independent CNN survey of Democratic ...

2016 Delegate Count Tracker - Bloomberg


Jul 24, 2016 ... A state-by-state account of 2016 primary election results and the race for delegates.

2016 Delegate Count and Primary Results - The New York Times


According to the Associated Press, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton have each won enough delegates to claim their party's nomination for president.