Deng Xiaoping
One of the old guard of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping became the party's Secretary General in 1954, but was purged by Chairman Mao in 1966 for his strong objections to the excesses of the Great Leap Forward. By 1974 Deng had been "r... More »
Born: August 22, 1904, Paifang, Sichuan province, China
Died: February 19, 1997 · More images »

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping (Simplified Chinese 邓小平, Traditional Chinese 鄧小平, pinyin ...... so-called "socialism with Chinese characteristics", and "seek tr...

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Follow the life and achievements of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, the most powerful figure in China for twenty years, on ... Quick Facts. Name: Deng ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Deng Xiaoping at Make research projects and school reports about Deng Xiaoping easy with ...
Includes Deng Xiaoping's biography, personal lift with pictures, and speeches. More »

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Deng Xiaoping became the most powerful leader in the People's Republic of China (PRC) in the 1970s. He served as the chairman of the Communist Party's ...

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Deng Xiaoping was the leader of China from 1978 (two years after Mao's death) until his death in February, 1997. The last of the great revolutionary leaders of ...

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Nov 22, 2014 ... Deng Xiaoping (邓小平, 1904-1997) was born as Deng Xiansheng into a ... On the basis of Mao's dictum "seek truth from facts" (实事求是) that ...

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Nov 17, 2014 ... Deng Xiaoping, Wade-Giles romanization Teng Hsiao-p'ing (born Aug. 22, 1904, Guang'an, Sichuan province, China—died Feb. 19, 1997 ...


development Chinese DengXiaopinCBW--THE LIFE OF DENG XIAOPING,A ... past mistakes it was essential to abide by the principle of seeking truth from facts.

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A: Deng Xiaoping was born on August 22, 1904. Read More »
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Q: Who was Deng Xiaoping?
A: One of the old guards of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping became the party's Read More »
Q: Who is Deng Xiaoping?
A: Deng Xiaoping said "Poverty is not socialism. He encouraged the creation of a market economy Read More »
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