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Orthodontic spacer


Orthodontic separators (commonly known as spacers) are rubber bands or metal appliances used in orthodontics. Spacers are placed between the molars at the ...

What A Space Maintainer (Spacer) Is And Why Your Child Might ...


Mar 29, 2010 ... How Dental Space Maintainers (Spacers) Work ... With a nice open space in the child's mouth, the permanent tooth that is still deep within the ...

Why Your Child May Need a Space Maintainer - Colgate Professional


Children may need space maintainers if they lose a tooth early or have a baby ( primary) tooth extracted due to dental decay. If either is the case, it is important to  ...

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Oct 19, 2010 ... Spacers are circular rubber bands that create space in between the teeth. Watch as Amy ... ORTHODONTIC SPACER IS FUN! - Duration: 8:00.

Dental Spacers for children. Need or Wait? (teeth, pulled, dentist ...


Now the orthodontist is recommeding she get a spacer while we wait for the adult "I" tooth to grow in. The baby tooth was a little wiggly (and she ...

Separators for Braces (Spacers) - Online Braces Guide


... steps in the process of placing braces is the separator, or "spacers" appointment. ... after placement, the soreness from tooth pressure/movement will begin.

Why You Need Spacers For Braces (Very Important) | All New Teeth


Discover everything you need to know about spacers for your braces. ... the teeth have little or no space between each other, a special orthodontic tool is used to ...

An In-Depth Guide to Spacers for Braces | Teeth ... - Tooth Pain Relief


When you hear the news that you're going to have spacers for braces "installed," there are often many questions that arise regarding these devices and the.

Information for Preteens: Braces | Getting Them On - PAMF Home


A week after you get your rubber band spacers, your orthodontist will put on your braces [1]. First ... What to Expect; Other Equipment; Dental Care with Braces ...

FRED C - Discovery Pediatric Dentistry


What to Expect After a Spacer is Placed in Your Child's Mouth. Your child may ... A special dental adhesive is used to cement the spacer in place. Our office will ...

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Dental Space Maintainers | Colgate


Dental space maintainers can help keep the space for an adult tooth open if the baby tooth has been lost too early. Learn about the types of space maintainers ...

Spacers | Orthodontist Aurora | Theresa Shaver


Separators are required before placing orthodontic molar bands. (An orthodontic band is sort of like a ring on your finger.) Since your back teeth are very close ...

Pediatric Dentistry: Space Maintainers


Nov 28, 2006 ... Now "Spacers" may be in there for a while, but they are not permanent. They are removed when the new tooth (usually a bicuspid) erupts or the ...