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Mackerel is a common name applied to a number of different species of pelagic fish, mostly, but not exclusively, from the family Scombridae. They are found in ...


Description— ... Mackerel are a swift-moving fish, swimming with very short sidewise ... Although the mackerel may scatter and the schools mix more or less,  ...


Define mackerel: a large fish that lives in the northern Atlantic Ocean and is often eaten as food.


Spanish Mackerel pictures, description and information to help identify fish catches and learn what baits and techniques are best for catching Spanish Mackerel.


Sep 3, 2016 ... The Atlantic Mackerel is typically an open ocean fish with voracious ... short descriptions and another in a table form, plus my Research Page.


Mackerel, any of a number of swift-moving, streamlined food and sport fishes found in temperate ... The common mackerel (Scomber scombrus) of the Atlantic Ocean is an abundant and .... A more-elaborate definition would note that they are.


Description. The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is a beautifully streamlined, fast-swimming fish. It has silver underparts and metallic green and blue ...


Description. The Spanish mackerel has a fusiform body and a pointed snout which is much shorter than the rest of the head. There are two closely spaced dorsal ...


Atlantic mackerel are small (12 to 18 inches) schooling fish, iridescent gray to greenish blue with dark, wavy stripes along ...


Any of various marine fishes of the family Scombridae, especially Scomber scombrus of the North Atlantic Ocean, a predatory food fish having dark wavy bars on ...