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Pasteurization or pasteurisation is a process that kills microbes (mainly bacteria) in food and .... When ultra-heat treatment (UHT) is combined with sterile handling and ... Developed countries ado...

Who developed a process for treating milk to keep it from spoiling


Louis Pasteur developed pasteurization in 1864, originally as a way to keep wine and beer from spoiling. Louis Pasteur.

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Pasteurization is the process of heat processing a liquid or a food to kill ... If the pasteurized food is temperature-abused (e.g., if milk or eggs are not ... clean hands, preventing it from becoming contaminated, and keeping it at a safe temperature. ... High-Temperature-Short-Time Treatment (HTST) -- this process uses higher ....

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But when the alcohol spoiled, it contained a different microbe that was rod- shaped. ... as canning, had already shown that treating food with heat could preserve it. ... (LTLT) process, also known as batch pasteurization, was first developed to kill the ... The incidence of tuberculosis contracted from milk fell dramatically, and in ...

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Jan 4, 2015 ... Production Precautions for Milk long shelf life Food producers are responsible for the ... materials have been developed to minimise these undesirable off-flavours. .... There are two distinct purposes for the process of milk pasteurization: ... Spoilage of pasteurised milk due to the growth of raw milk bacteria is ...

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Cows' milk is a palatable beverage, but nature did not develop it to appeal to man's ... The ensiling process destroys the substances causing ragweed and pepper ... Some flavor treating machines are very effective, whereas others have little .... De-aeration has been suggested to prevent development of oxidized flavor.

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Dec 1, 1991 ... Each time we go to the refrigerator and take out a bottle of milk, we should be ... He developed a process of gently heating foodstuffs like milks to kill .... He sought to apply his findings to the practical problem of stopping wine from spoiling. ... (As with the broth, it was necessary to prevent new microbes from ...

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This process prevents or retards spoilage because high temperatures kill or inactivate .... About a half dozen methods for the freezing of foods have been developed. .... for food preservation was in the treatment of various kinds of herbs and spices, ... About three thousand years ago milk, which does not keep well, was first ...

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Jan 20, 2014 ... When Louis Pasteur developed and patented the process of pasteurization in the 1860s, it had nothing to do with milk. He was more concerned with keeping beer from spoiling. ... Tags: heat treatment, pasteurization, raw milk.

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Heat-treatment process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms in certain foods and beverages. ... The treatment also destroys most of the microorganisms that cause spoilage and so prolongs the storage time of food. Ultra-high-temperature (UHT) pasteurization involves heating milk or cream ... Keep Exploring Britannica .

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Jul 19, 2016 ... Before electric refrigerators were developed in the early 20th century, ... Pasteurization means milk keeps longer, but it also means it can be stored .... Although Louis Pasteur discovered the heat-treatment process that bears ...

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There are many areas in the world, particularly in less developed countries, where ... The more advanced milk collection process found in these countries begins ...

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Pasteur's scientific and medical accomplishments include cure for rabies, anthrax , ... the germs of yeasts and microorganisms present during the fermentation process. ... liquid could be prevented from a spoiling with a special heating treatment. ... of vaccines to prevent diseased like cholera, anthrax and swine erysipelas.