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Differences Between Serigraphs & Lithographs
Serigraphs and lithographs fall under the broad category of prints and have several different characteristics. In America, serigraphy was originally associated with the production of utilitarian objects such as banners and flags during the First World... More »
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The term seriolithograph is used by Park West Gallery, a major publisher of graphic editions. The term is used to distinguish a form of hybrid fine art printing technique. Seriolithographs are a combination of lithography (offset, stochastic, photo-mechanical or continuous tone) with serigraphy, a fine art ...

May 19, 2015 ... The difference between a lithograph and a serigraph is that a serigraph uses stencils to determine where the ink is laid while a lithograph uses ...


A serigraph is created when paint is 'pushed' through a silkscreen onto paper or ...


A serigraph and a lithograph are prints made of an original piece of art, however, the processes used to make them are different. We'll look at how serigraphs ...


Taken from link www.mgcpuzzles.com/mgcpuzzles/artgallery/ Jane_Wooster_Scott/ There is an entirely different process used in making each type ...


"what's the difference between a lithograph and serigraph?" or "what is a serigraph?" or "is this a good reproduction?" etc.. In a book written by Ralph Mayer, ...


Can someone please tell me what the difference is between a Lithograph and a Serigraph, and a Print and a Limited Edition? Thank you.


... from one another. Both lithographs and serigraphs offer art collectors the opportunity to collect. ... What Is the Difference Between a Lithograph & a Serigraph?