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Enzymes /ˈɛnzaɪmz/ are macromolecular biological catalysts. Enzymes accelerate, or catalyze, chemical reactions. The molecules at the beginning of the process upon which enzymes may a...

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Jun 13, 2014 ... Different types of enzymes have different classifications based on the kind of reactions they catalyze. Every organism – from the one-celled ...

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The types of enzymes that the body produces are metabolic and digestive enzymes. ... The body uses different types of enzymes to digest fats, proteins and  ...

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There are supplemental enzymes available that are capable of breaking down almost any food. For example, there are several different carbohydrate ...

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Classes of Enzymes. Class. Chemical Reaction Catalyzed. Sample Enzymes. Oxidoreductase. Oxidation-reduction in which oxygen and hydrogen are gained or ...

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A classification systems exists that categorizes all the known enzymes based on the ... types of oxidoreductase .... (In mammals there are 4 different types.) ...

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The enzymes involved in respiration, photosynthesis and protein synthesis work inside cells. ... Different enzymes catalyse different digestion reactions.

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Introduction to the topic of enzymes. Terms and structure. There are many different kinds of reactions in biological systems. Attempts to reproduce them outside ...

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Sep 5, 2010 ... Essentially there are four different kinds of enzymes, they are: ... The level of active enzymes in a food is affected by many things – including: ...

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Sep 27, 2013 ... A look into the six main types of enzymes found in biological systems.
Different Types of Enzymes
The human body contains three different types of enzymes. Two of these enzymes, digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes, are produced by the body. The third enzyme category, food enzymes, works within the body but is produced by the food that the body... More »
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Six Types of Enzyme Catalysts .... For example, the three curves in Figure represent progress curves for an enzyme under three different reaction conditions.

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Dec 9, 2013 ... Enzymes are often named for their reactions, and you can often discern the function of an enzyme from its name. We will learn about six types ...

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Information about various types of enzymes and their functions in body systems. ... that has been widely used in different industrial and therapeutical purposes.