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Dinosaurs, one of the most successful groups of animals (in terms of longevity) that have ever lived, evolved into many diverse sizes and shapes, with many equally diverse modes of living. The term "Dinosauria" was invented by Sir Richard Owen in 1842 to…
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Since the first dinosaur fossils were recognized in the early 19th century, mounted fossil dinosaur skeletons have been major attractions at museums around the ...

Dinosaur Fossils, Eggs, Bones & Skeletons - Fun Facts for Kids


Fossils help us understand what the dinosaurs were like. Information can be gathered from sources such as fossilized bones, footprints, stomach stones, feces , ...

First Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries - Paleontology and Geology ...


The first 3 dinosaur fossils led to the recognition of a new group of animals, the dinosaurs. The first nearly-complete dinosaur skeleton in New Jersey spurs ...

It took another 150 years, in 1824, for William Buckland to give this genus its distinctive name, and nearly 20 years after that for Megalosaurus to be conclusively identified as a dinosaur (by the famous paleontologist Richard Owen ). Hadrosaurus is more important for... More »
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Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries


Dinosaur fossils are being discovered faster than ever before. See how everything from satellite technology to scanning electron microscopes are helping to ...

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My name is Andreas and I want to tell you all about fossils and dinosaurs. ... Fossils are fantastic evidence of past life on our planet; they are found mainly in ...

75 Million-Year-Old Blood Cells Found in Dinosaur Fossils - Gizmodo


Jun 9, 2015 ... Dinosaurs fossils, we've all been taught, consist of bone—their flesh, skin, and organs having decayed long ago. But a new discovery might ...

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Dinosaurs: fossils activities and games. ... fossil. How are fossils made? Watch and learn. 100%. WHAT ARE FOSSILS? TRACE FOSSILS. MOLD FOSSIL.

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Learn about Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Fossils, Bones, Pictures, Information, Skeletons, Photos, Images, History, Dinosaurs Name, Extinction, Facts, Fictions from ...

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Q: Why are there no dinosaur fossils in Florida?
A: Florida was underwater at the time and dinosaurs don't live on the ocean floor. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: How were dinosaurs fossilized?
A: Acidic waterlogged sediments formed around the fallen beast triggering a rapid deposit of minerals and trapping organic molecules before they decayed. Read More »
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Q: How deep are the dinosaur fossils.
A: They are mostly found on, or very near, the surface. They have probably been quite deeply buried at some point ( a lot can happen in, say, 70 million years) but... Read More »
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Q: What was the first dinosaur fossil.
A: People have been finding dinosaur fossils for hundreds of years, probably even thousands of years. There are references to "dragon" bones found in Wucheng, Sich... Read More »
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Q: How old are dinosaur fossils?
A: Dinosaur Fossils - Early definitions and discoveries. Fossilization process, Read More »
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