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Using kilometres for d and R, and metres for h, and taking the radius of the Earth as 6371 km, the distance to ...

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How could you calculate the distance to the horizon or the "distance off" if you ... your height of eye is 9 feet above the surface of the water, the formula would be:.

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Measure your "height of eye." Measure the length between the ground and your eyes in meters or feet.

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This is a rough guide to determine the distance of the horizon based on the observer's height above mean sea level. The screen will work in Metric or Imperial ...

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distance along the surface of the earth to the horizon. The angle θ is ... To check our calculations, we can work out an “exact” formula and compare. The angle θ ...

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You can use the following formula to figure out how far the horizon is from you ... standing on the shore, then you can also estimate the distance to the horizon by ...

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Apr 1, 2014 ... Deriving the distance to the horizon; part of an educational resource on ... This equation lets one calculate D--in kilometers, if h and R are given ...

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If your eyes are 8 inches (20 cm) above the water, the distance of the horizon is about 1 mile (1.6 km) away. A rough formula for calculating the distance to the ...

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Jul 5, 2012 ... In this video, I show you how to calculate the distance to the horizon. ... the Distance Between Two Points - How to Use the Distance Formula ...

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Calculating Distance To The Horizon. Pythagoras provides us with a method of solving this problem as shown below: Consider the following diagram:.