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I've heard over and over again that hummingbirds migrate on the backs of geese. ... In addition, migratory geese heading south don't end up in the tropics; most stop instead ... Obviously, hummingbirds do not fly continuously around the clock.

Hummingbird Migration - On the Backs of Geese?


Hummingbirds do not ride on the backs of hummingbird migration geese .... U.S. may migrate a short distance farther south in the U.S. or into Northern Mexico, ...

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May 29, 2009 ... Hummingbirds migrate from the north, usually Canada and New England, to the south, in Florida and Mexico, for the winter months. Find out how ... when do you think they will be back to New england?? in march or april?.

Hummingbird Myths: The "Top Ten" (Plus Two)


Jul 31, 2008 ... 'Way back when, folks made their own hummingbird feeders out of clear ... Leaving up a feeder in autumn not only does NOT stop hummingbird migration, ... Hummingbirds Migrate To South America For The Winter .... No, it's not hummers that are hitching rides on Canada Geese, but the other way around.

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Is it true that hummingbirds migrate south by catching rides on the backs of Canada Geese and ... Do they have to reserve a goose in advance?

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Sep 20, 2008 ... Maybe people originally thought it was impossible for the tiny hummingbird to migrate south on its own and believed that hitching a ride under ...

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Where did my hummers go? .... If the nestling is well-feathered and can perch, but can't fly: Put it back in the nest if you can. ... How fast do hummingbird wings beat ? ... hummingbird was once seen carrying a goose back to the nest in her talons, ... too long, so it's not necessary to stop feeding them to force them to go sout...

Do hummingbirds ride on Canadian geese when the geese migrate ...


Although both hummingbirds and Canadian geese migrate south for the winter, hummingbirds do not ride on the geese when traveling. The two species migrate  ...

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Do hummingbirds ride on Canadian geese when the geese migrate? ... the warmer months of the year in Canada, then migrate south for the cold winter months.

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Q I have one hummingbird that chases all of the other birds away. ... from the nectars and insects to prepare them for their migration south during the winter months. ... Q When hummingbirds migrate, do they hitch rides on the backs of geese?

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Do hummingbirds ride on geese when they migrate south? Should ... Hummingbird Myth: Hummingbirds hitch rides on the backs of geese as they migrate south.

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Q: Do hummingbirds really migrate on the backs of geese? ... the same places; any hitchhiking hummingbird that didn't starve before its ride finally headed south  ...

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Q. Do hummingbirds migrate on the backs of geese? A. No. Hummers are fully capable of traveling astounding distances on their own wings; many experts ...