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Why Working The Night Shift Has Major Health Consequences


Jan 6, 2015 ... The 15 million Americans who work the night shift won't hesitate to tell yo. ... work the night shift won't hesitate to tell you about the toll their work lives take ... to 14 years and by 23 percent for those who did so for 15 years or more. .... at night, I have no social life and all I want to do on my days of...

Shift Work: Night Shifts Linked to Early Death - Time


Jan 7, 2015 ... Money LIFE The Daily Cut ... Sleep isn't just a time to rest and give your body and brain a break. ... In fact, those working for more than 15 years on rotating night shifts had a ... she says that shift workers concerned about their risk should do ... Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to ...

Night Shifts Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke | TIME.com


Jul 27, 2012 ... A new study confirms that shift workers — people who work late nights, irregular hours or mixed night-and-day schedules ... But a woman who works as a grocery- store clerk may lead a very different life than one who ... “[P]eople who do shift work should be vigilant about risk-factor modification,” they write.

Is working night shifts bad for you? | Money | The Guardian


Jan 21, 2014 ... After 15 years of working nights, it was a bit of a relief when I stopped. I could almost ... I find it easier to do things that require more thought later at night. I suspect ... It's difficult to have a social life, and your body can't adjust. You feel ... Twice when I was on night shift I had to take time off...

The Night Shift | Psychology Today


May 6, 2014 ... What happens to your mind and body when you work all night, (almost) every night? ... When day shift workers get home, we do things that relax us, like go out to ... three years to get noticed in a big trading company: "I hated it—my life ... Many shift workers get off in the morning, take a one-hour nap to take ...

How to Work the Third Shift and Stay Healthy | SparkPeople


Working the third shift can have damaging effects on your body. ... Of course, this is key to a happy life and positive relationships, but it keeps your body from .... Oddly enough, when I get off work at 7am, I go for a run and it DOES NOT keep me up. ... Every Saturday morning, I have to take a sleep aid so I can get 6 hours of ...

Surviving Night Shift Sleep Problems and Health Effects - WebMD


WebMD explains what shift work sleep disorder is and how you can maintain a healthy life and get the sleep you need while working late shift hours. ... Despite the toll that such shifts can take, somebody has to work them, from the waitress at the all-night diner to the on-call plumber, ... What do your dreams say about you?

Work on a Rotating Shift? Then You Probably Have Lower Levels of ...


Aug 3, 2007 ... Middle of the Night Wakening Throws Off Your Body Clock ... by a work schedule that takes place during the normal sleep period, thereby confusing your .... Do they measure serotonin levels at the right time for a night person? ... I've been working a night shift for 10 years and sleep well during the day.

Rotating shifts shorten lives – A Blog Around The Clock


Apr 22, 2007 ... Working in shifts shortens life span: Study: ... 594 railway employees, including 282 day workers and 312 shift workers, over a span of 25 years.

6 Ways to Make Working the Night Shift Less Hazardous to Your ...


Dec 4, 2009 ... 6 Ways to Make Working the Night Shift Less Hazardous to Your Health ... " Working 9 to 5" is a catchy song lyric, but it doesn't describe the real-life experience of about 15 ... On top of the sleep problems this kind of off-hours schedule ... studying the so-called light-at-night theory for more than 20 ye...

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Keeping the 'grave' out of 'graveyard shift' - SFGate


Mar 24, 2008 ... ... teased her that the graveyard shift would "take 10 years off your life," she said. ... "A reasonable percentage of Americans work a night shift, and a majority of ... Those who adapt probably do just fine, and the others quit.".

The risks of night work - American Psychological Association


Nearly 15 million Americans work a permanent night shift or regularly rotate in ... to be on high alert and make split-second, life-or-death decisions during the night , ... work an extra-long shift that carries on until the morning, or take a day off, ... an organizational psychologist who was a New York state trooper for 23 years.

How Does Working Third Shift Affect the Body? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Jun 25, 2015 ... Third shift workers can develop a condition known as "shift worker disorder." The main ... The Effects of Working Night Shifts on Your Health.