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Compulsive Licking, Biting, and Scratching in Dogs - Pets - WebMD


WebMD offers information to help you better understand why your dog might be compulsively biting, ... At your wit's end over your dog biting his own tail?

Why Does a Dog Chew on His Tail? - Pets


While Rover entertaining himself by chasing and biting his tail may appear endearing, in some dogs this amusing act can become an obsessive behavior.

Don't let tail biting become obsessive - Dog health, Dog training ...


Dec 19, 2015 ... Tail biting is most often found in dogs that have a high prey drive, don't get enough exercise or spend too much time in their crates.

How can I help my dog with an itchy, licky tail wound? - Chewing ...


My (otherwise healthy, but very itchy as of late) dog licked and chewed his tail so much today that there is now a raw, bloody spot near the base.

Dog is itching and chewing at tail base and hips. | Ask A Vet


Within a day or so, he began itching and chewing frantically on his hip areas as well as the tail base. Two days ago, my husband gave him a bath with a gentle ...

Why is my dog biting his tail? | Pets4Homes


If your dog seems to spend a lot of time biting, chewing or licking his tail, this usually targets the base of the tail and may occur for a wide range of ...

7 Reasons Dogs Chase Their Tails - Round and Round She Goes!


Feb 21, 2012 ... ... but here are 7 good reasons your dog may be chasing his tail -- and ... Luckily, he never tries to bite it off — once he catches it, he lets go, ...

My dog keeps biting the top of his tail, where it connects to his ...


Oct 3, 2006 ... I don't see any fleas (he's white) and his skin looks normal, no rash or bites or anything. If he had worms wouldn't he walk on his butt? I do not ...

Why does my dog keep biting her tail and making the skin bald and ...


Oct 14, 2011 ... I am not looking for silly answers. I'm serious about this because I have bathed her and there was no sign of fleas. For some reason she just ...

My dog keeps biting her tail? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 19, 2010 ... My dog keeps biting the end of her tail, the hair is getting shorter where she is biting, I've literally watched her try to rip her hair out. What could ...

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Dog Chewing Tail - Vetinfo.com


Dog chewing tail may be caused by stress, boredom, worms, fleas or tail fractures . The chewing of the tail can lead to infections, as the dog is able to cause ...

Why Does My Dog Keep Biting Her Tail and Whining? - Dogster


Oct 30, 2015 ... Is your dog biting, gnawing, or chewing at the base of her tail? Allergies, injury, infection, or stress may be the reason!

Why do dogs chase their tails? | Cesar's Way


If your dog is compulsively chasing his tail, he can cause serious damage by biting and chewing on it when he finally does catch it. Dogs have been known to  ...