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Paw Pad Injuries in Dogs
Although your dog's paw pads are the most durable part of its skin, injuries can and do occur. Signs of injury include bleeding, discoloration of the paw pad, persistent licking of the pad, limping or hesitation about putting weight on its foot. Some... More »
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Mar 4, 2015 ... first-aid-injured-foot-pad Although lowly in position, your dog's feet occupy a top spot in importance. How can a dog navigate the world without ...


By Henry Cerny, DVM, MS. Foot pad injuries in dogs can range from abrasions, blisters, burns, ulcers, tears, punctures and lacerations. It is important to be ...


If you've never given your dog's paw pads much thought, you should! Pads are the thick, spongy, rubbery part of your dog's paw. Dogs rely on their paw pads to  ...

Jul 17, 2009 ... A pad injury on a dog is usually marked by bleeding and swelling, and these are ... Well, my dog's paw isn't bleeding, but the pad is cracked.


A paw pad, or footpad, is the toughest part of a dog's skin. ... are rich in blood vessels, but the amount of bleeding does not necessarily indicate a severe injury.


Dog paw problems are usually cuts, tears, or cracked pads. Here's how to treat your dogs' pads effectively and accelerate the healing ... Healing Cut Pads. Dog ...


Feb 1, 2002 ... Paw pad injuries observed in dogs run the gamut from abrasions, blisters, ulcers and pressure callus formation, to burns, lacerations and ...


Your dog's paws are an extremely important to them, therefore it is really important that we help our dogs treat and prevent dog paw pad injury. When your dog ...