How to Build a Dog Pull Cart
A properly balanced dog pull cart allows your dog to haul anything from firewood to people. Sled dogs of the north pull freight across the icy tundra and your dog can haul a cart if properly harnessed. Even toy breeds can pull a cart and a modest load.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Dogcart (dog-drawn)

Dog carts pulled by two or more dogs were historically used in Belgium and The Netherlands for delivering milk, bread delivery and other trades. Dog-drawn ...

ChaloSulky - Home

Dogs need to run. Let your dog run while pulling you in a sulky or wagon. He will love you for that. Sulky: Sit in the sulky. Let your dog pull you at his preferred ...

Pulldogs features the dog cart for active dogs and active people!

The Canine Cargo Cart allows you to walk beside your dogs while they pull anything from groceries to camping gear. Our single and duo dog carts fit working  ...

K9 Carting | Exercise your pet and have fun with the entire family

The K-9 Dog Cart is for you! Crafted with super-strong tubular steel framing and three-wheel construction for superior balance and ease of use. Your dog will ...

Why Not Build A Dog Cart? - Puppy Leaks

Aug 2, 2014 ... Teaching your dog to pull a cart can be both fun and practical. It's certainly going to give your dog a nice workout but it's also giving him a job to ... Pull Carts&v=P6UHHQjnHbI
Mar 27, 2013 ... Watch how a dog learns to pull a cart in one session. We filmed Amelia pulling a chain to learn to pull and pulling a wooden cart. We show how ...

DIY dog pull cart made out of a folding bicycle trailer. - Instructables

This is the trailer cart I made for my dog Thunder. It's a folding bike trailer, I made a harness and rigging for him to pull it places. Aside from t...

Dog Carting Harness | Cart Harnesses | Padded Dog Harnesses

For competition and pleasure, 2 or 4-wheeled carts are pulled by dogs of many breeds -- from small Norwich Terriers, to large St. Bernards. A good website with  ...

Dog Works Wagons

4 Wheel wagons and carts by Dogs Works. ... These wagons include everything: single dog shafts, single tree, interchangeable pulling handle, red or green ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How to Build a Dog Pull Cart.
A: 1. Start with a cart body. Choose either a flatbed platform or an enclosed box, wider than the dog that will pull it. For a large dog such as a Newfoundland, a ... Read More »
Q: How to Build a Dog Pull Cart.
A: Things You'll Need. Cart box or wagon. Wheels (two or four of the same size). Axle(s). Two shafts (poles to connect cart box to dog harness). Instructions. Star... Read More »
Q: Convert bike trailer to dog pull cart?
A: I hope these links can help you out:….…. http://www.make-and-build-dog-stuff.c... Read More »
Q: Survey: Do you consider a dog pulling carts or sleds a form of ab...
A: no they have sled races that last a week or so up in alaska and the sled dogs love it and if it,s a small cart like with little kids in it then it might be cute... Read More »
Q: What do dogs that pull carts wear?
A: Tara, I never said it wasn't POSSible for a dog to gain weight after being neutered; I said that the old wive's tale that says that neutering will make a dog fa... Read More »