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How to Make Homemade Dog Repellent | HowStuffWorks


Man's best friend may be great for companionship, but it wreaks havoc on gardens and upholstery. Whatever the reasons you want to keep a dog away, there ...

How do you make homemade dog repellent? | Reference.com


To make a homemade dog repellent, HowStuffWorks recommends using either citrus, vinegar, cayenne pepper or ammonia to keep dogs out of the garden.

Natural Dog Repellents For The Garden - Gardening Know How


Mar 31, 2015 ... Dogs are a very popular house pet but they are not always the best things for our garden. There are many natural and organic methods to keep ...

What to Spray on Carpet to Keep Dogs From Peeing | Cuteness.com


To prevent your dog from urinating on carpets while you train it to urinate outdoors, you may use certain commercial repellents or home remedies. It's important ...

Dog Repellant - The Dollar Stretcher


This reader needs to look for dog repellant spray at a home and garden center. I have used a formula for chipmunks and rabbits and I was very surprised at how ...

9 Natural Homemade Dog Repellents That are Safe and ... - Buzzle


Sep 15, 2016 ... Have you considered homemade dog repellents? ... useful information for worried pet-lovers,I am testing these formulas on my Labra and ...

9 Natural Homemade Dog Repellents That are Safe and ... - Pinterest


Homemade Dog Repellent; I love my dogs, but some times they just need to stay ..... DIY Pet-Safe Essential Oil Deodorizer Spray Recipe for an Odor-Free Home.

Boundary Indoor Outdoor Dog Repellent Pump Spray |Dog Training ...


Boundary Indoor Outdoor Dog Repellent Spray is an effective training aid formulated to help keep pets and strays away from select areas in and ... Formula : Dog.

Dog Repellent - Scram for Dogs, repellent, natural granular repellant


Dog Repellent – granular and organic for outdoors. ... Our unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power that trains dogs to stay away from ...

Recipes for dog repellent - Dog Recipes, Making your own Dog Food


Recipes for dog repellent, Keep dogs away from forbidden areas. ... cayenne spray, you simply add one part of cayenne to 10 parts of water this recipe has been ...

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How to Make Dog Repellent for Your Yard | Home Guides | SF Gate


Homemade dog repellent is also effective for animals such as skunks, ... Formula to Spray Lawn to Get Rid of a Urine Smell · How to Keep Dogs But Not Birds ...

The Best Natural Deterrent to Keep Dogs Away - Pets


Dogs respond better to taste deterrents than they do to odorous or touch-based products. Taste repellents are ideal for keeping your pup away from things he ...

How to Make All-Natural Dog Deterrent | Cuteness.com


Spray the formula daily on and around the areas where you don't want the dog to go daily. Do this for at least a week. Dogs generally recoil at the scent of citrus.