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United States one-dollar bill


The United States one-dollar bill ($1) is a denomination of United States currency . The first U.S. ..... The obverse of the seal on the right features a bald eagle, the national bird and symbol of t...

Symbols on American Money - Philadelphia Fed


This publication describes and explains the various images and symbols that have been used on U.S. currency over the ... Symbolism on the One Dollar Bill.

The meanings of the symbols on the dollar bill-Truth! - Truth or Fiction


The Meanings of the Symbols On the One Dollar Bill-Truth! Summary of eRumor: This email asks you to look at the one dollar bill and explains the va.

What do the symbols on the U.S. $1 bill mean? | HowStuffWorks


On the back side of the United States $1 bill (left side), there is a picture of a pyramid with an eye on top along with a Latin verse. Can you tell me the significance ...

The Insider | Why U.S. Government uses occult symbols in Great ...


Anyone familiar with Masonic symbols will recognise the occult symbolism of secret societies on the U.S. Great Seal and the Dollar Bill. Why does the American ...

The Symbols on the Dollar Bill


The Symbols on the Dollar Bill. Mystery Meanings. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD (Ps. 33:12). When listening to the news media, one might get ...

ArtLex on the Symbols on the American One Dollar Bill


Once it is printed with symbols, it is starched to make it water resistant, then pressed to give it a crisp ... On the back of the bill, also called "verso," are two circles.

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That's all pretty easy to figure out, but what is on the back of that dollar bill is ... The Bald Eagle was selected as a symbol for victory for two reasons: First, he is ...

What do the Latin phrases and symbols on the dollar bill mean ...


Apr 14, 2011 ... There are two mottos scribed in Latin on the reverse of the dollar bill that ..... How can we know about the conspiracies just behind the scenes if .... (The “taallur” was lost in printing, probably because it was placed in brackets).

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Q: What does the bird on the dollar bill symbolize.
A: The bird on the United States of America's dollar bill is the American Bald Eagle. The eagle symbolizes the United States. In the eagles beak is a banner that r... Read More »
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Q: What does the eye on the Dollar bill symbolize.
A: It is the All-Seeing Eye of Providence, meaning God is watching. In the Latin writing it says "He approves our endeavors.". Read More »
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Q: What does the eye on the dollar bill symbolize or mean.
A: The eye is known as the "Eye of Providence" and is surrounded by rays of light. According to Webster's New World College etc. The eye is known as the "Eye of Pr... Read More »
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Q: What would getting rid of the dollar bill symbolize.
A: It wouldn't symbolize anything other than its value being Read More »
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Q: What does the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill symbolize?
A: The unfinished pyramid represents the nation which is believed to be unfinished. That is to say that as long as new states can be admitted the nation can still ... Read More »
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