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Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning "two") denotes the state of two parts. The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, ...

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A wide range of arguments for and against the various dualistic options are discussed. Substance dualists typically argue that the mind and the body are ...



Second, the term dualism is employed in opposition to monism, to signify the ordinary view that the existing universe contains two radically distinct kinds of being ...

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Dualism - The concept that our mind has a non-material, spiritual dimension that includes consciousness and possibly an eternal attribute.

Thus, our mental states cannot be explained by the physical states of the brain, which means we must find some other, non-physical explanation for why we think and believe certain things. Variations on the concept of mind/body dualism include interactionism, parallelis... More »
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Aug 19, 2003 ... This entry concerns dualism in the philosophy of mind. The term 'dualism' has a variety of uses in the history of thought. In general, the idea is ...

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Dualism, in religion, the doctrine that the world (or reality) consists of two basic, opposed, and irreducible principles that account for all that exists. It has played ...

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the state of being dual or consisting of two parts; division into two. 2. Philosophy. the view that there are just two mutually irreducible substances. Compare ...

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philosophy : the idea or belief that everything has two opposite parts or principles . : the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements.

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Dualism designates “two parts” and is the position that the universe consists of two opposing principles -- though not limited to only two. There are variations ...

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Q: What is dualism?
A: Dualism points at dividing in two opposite parts But the word 'dualism' often points at Western Dualism or Eastern Dualism Western Dualism (as in Catholicism) d... Read More »
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Q: What is dualism?
A: dualism:1:the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and Read More »
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Q: What is dualism?
A: In psychology and philosophy, dualism is the assertion that there is a non-tangible component to the mind which is separate and distinct from the physical struc... Read More »
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Q: What is non-dualism?
A: Non dualism is the term used for the idea that everything is one. There is no 'this' and 'that'. Including you, animals, inanimate stuff, the entire universe an... Read More »
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Q: What is dualism
A: dualism: the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and evil Read More »
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