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When you're thinking of setting up a community tank, you need to put together the right combination of fish to help foster a harmonious environment. Dwarf ...

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I have 2 dwarf Gourami in a 20 gallon tank. I am wondering, when the 29 gallon I set up has completed cycling in a few weeks what would be the best tank mates ...

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So my 20 gallon longs cycling... and I really want some dwarf gouramis what are the best tank mates for them and how many of each ?also got ...

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All gouramies are tropical and should be housed in an aquarium with appropriate temperatures. ... Fish unlikely to do well with dwarf gourami: Betta fish, Other Gouramis, and other ... How would I know if my dwarf gourami is pregnant?

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The dwarf gourami (Trichogaster lalius) is a species of gourami native to South Asia. ... Dwarf gouramis do not do well with large, aggressive fish, but are compatible with other small, peaceful fis...

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Jul 6, 2014 ... Any tank containing dwarf gouramis should be heavily planted, and ... While they are often branded a community fish, they seem to do best when kept .... My dwarf gaurami has recently developed a wound right above his gill ...

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Ich On Dwarf Gourami in the Freshwater Fish Disease forums, part of the ... Garlic will help with the immune system, but will not kill the ICH.

Okay So My Dwarf Gourami Has White Spots On It.. However It's Not ...


Okay so my dwarf gourami has white spots on it.. However it's not ICH as it's not spreading and treatment won't work.. The readings on my tank is fine the ...

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Jan 21, 2009 ... Ich will definitely kill fish, and gouramis tend to catch it first. ..... the ick seem to be gone but then it appeared again on my dwarf gourami I noticed this 2 days ago.

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Q: What are some dwarf gourami tank mates?
A: You just need to only avoid territorial, and/or nippy fish. Sometimes it's the Dwarf Gourami would pick on other fish. Anyway, here is my community tank with a ... Read More »
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Q: What are honey dwarf gourami's best tank mates.
A: Only fish in the same class gourami, and try to keep the fish around the same size as the fish you have. Read More »
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Q: What are good tank mates for dwarf gouramis?
A: You need to find one a new home. The problem here is you have 2 males. Males will fight that's why you shouldn't keep them together. Adding more fish will just ... Read More »
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Q: What fish are good tank mates with gourami?
A: Non-fin nipping tetras, non-fin nipping barbs, corydoras, platys and other Gouramis are good tankmates. ! Read More »
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Q: What is the best tank mate for an African Dwarf Frog.
A: Your frogs would do best in an "ADF only" tank, where there isn't much competition for food. But you can keep some very peaceful and slow going fish such as, Pl... Read More »
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