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Oct 1, 2015 ... A reference for safely stretching body piercings, and answers to some common questions about ear lobe stretching.


16 Nov 2014 ... Ear Stretching FAQs. 00g Stretched Lobe With Painful Pleasures Glass Spiral Large Gauge Jewelry The practice of stretching earlobe piercings ...


STRETCHING: Frequently Asked Questions The Stretching FAQ STRETCHING FAQ ... I've been told “gauges” means stretched ears, plugs, eyelets, tapers, and ...


FAQ- Contact US ... To begin ear stretching (or ear gauging as some people refer to it) you will need to have your ears pierced in the ... Ear jewelry sizes are generally measured in 'gauges', which typically run from around 20g to 00g. Any size ...


We sell all of our plugs in pairs since 99% of people wear plugs in both ears. So if you have a quantity of 1 for a set of plugs, then you will receive 2 pieces.


New to ear stretching? Have questions or concerns about your ear lobes?The beginners guide to ear stretching provides comprehensive information that you...


Explains some of the most common ear stretching problems, from infections and irritations to rips and tears, thinned lobes, and blowouts.


Check out the Almost Famous FAQ page to find out or give us a call! ... The piercing gun uses mechanical force to push the jewelry through your ear. ... Size can refer to the length, diameter, and gauge of the jewelry itself, or the size of any  ...


Mar 10, 2014 ... When you are ready to insert the stretching taper (after the two weeks ... to make sure your ears are completely healed before stretching again.

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