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Nov 9, 2015 ... You just had your ears pierced. Now what? It is important to follow ear piercing aftercare instructions to prevent your new piercing from ...

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care and cleaning after your piercing for proper healing and satisfaction with your newly pierced ears, follow these easy cleaning instructions. please note: many ...

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Lots of kids are interested in piercing their ears - or just one of them.

How to Treat an Infected Ear Piercing: 14 Steps (with Pictures)


Piercings can look trendy and cool, but they can get infected if not properly taken care of. ... Ear-piercing guns should never be used as they cannot be sterilized ... What do I do if my ear is the size of a golf ball, due to an infected earring hole?

Infected Ear Piercing Symptoms, how to Treat, Clean, Heal Old ...


My ear piercing is infected, why? What are some of the signs and symptoms of pierced ear infection. How do you heal an infected ear piercing, or treat it? ... Although most people take it lightly, it is a serious problem that should not be ignored.

How To Treat an Infected Ear Piercing | Angie's List


Sep 29, 2015 ... Learn how to treat infected ear piercings with simple home remedies. ... Tears or lacerations can also accompany an earing hole infection as it ... Following these steps should combat an infection within a few weeks. ... cant take them out my left ear is infected does anyone know what I can do to get it better?

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Saline for contact lenses should not be used as piercing aftercare. Wound wash saline is ... CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS FOR BODY PIERCINGS. • WASH your ...

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Body & Facial Piercing Aftercare | Oral Piercing Aftercare | Surface & Microdermal Piercing Aftercare INSTRUCTIONS The most up to date aftercare brought to ...

How to Take Care of Piercings the Right Way - Piercing Myths and ...


Feb 24, 2015 ... How to Actually Take Care of Your Piercings ... it's likely that the aftercare instructions you got at the pagoda in your local shopping mall at age ...