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Bethany Roberts' Fun For Kids: EASTER JOKES AND RIDDLES. Q. Why was the Easter Bunny so upset? A. He was having a bad hare day! Q. How does the ...


Funny Easter jokes. Enjoy these hillarious jokes on Easter Day, and share them with a friend.


Feb 27, 2017 ... Kids love riddles and knock knock jokes, and seasonal ones are especially fun! We've put together a list of some of our favourite hare-larious ...


Read our collection of funny Easter jokes and riddles and knock knock. We know these Easter jokes will make you LOL! Squigly's Jokes.


While people indulge in get-togethers and parties, jokes and riddles turn out to make the festival all the more lively and energetic. Given here are some Easter ...


Miscellaneous Easter Fun. ... The answers to all the joke riddles are inside the egg. ... How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty Easter basket?


How do you know the Easter Bunny is really smart? Because he's an egghead. What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water? It's going to take awhile to get ...


Easter jokes for kids will help your children get into the spirit of Easter. Need some ... After all, why should kids, or adults, even bother with jokes and riddles?


Aug 6, 2016 ... But Easter is coming sooner than you think, meaning it is around that time to ... Following is a list of Easter jokes and riddles to get you started.


Easter jokes for kids, to read online (scroll down) or print out in many different formats! We have a brightly illustrated sheet of jokes to print out and enjoy, lots of  ...