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Filing a Formal Complaint - EEOC


If you decide to file a discrimination complaint, you must do so within 15 days from the day you received notice from your EEO Counselor about how to file a ...

Overview Of Federal Sector EEO Complaint Process


Overview Of Federal Sector EEO Complaint Process. ... discrimination, file a complaint of discrimination, or participate in the EEO complaint process ... a hearing before an EEOC Administrative Judge or ask the agency to issue a decision as to ...

Filing a Charge - EEOC


Note: Federal employees and job applicants have similar protections, but a different complaint process. If you file a charge, you may be asked to try to settle the ...

Youth At Work: Filing a Complaint - EEOC


You can file a formal job discrimination complaint with the EEOC whenever you believe you are: Being treated unfairly on the job because of your race, color, ...

Filing an EEOC Charge of Discrimination | Nolo.com


If you are facing workplace discrimination or harassment, your first line of defense should be to complain within your company, using the complaint procedures ...

Filing Discrimination Charges with the EEOC - FindLaw


The EEOC will contact you and your employer within 10 days of your filing, followed ... review the agency's Overview of Federal Sector EEO Complaint Process.

How Does an EEOC Complaint Hurt an Employer? | Chron.com


When the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives a complaint that an employer illegally discriminated against its workers, that ...

EEOC Claims - Retailiation - Lawyers.com


The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for investigating complaints of workplace discrimination and harassment under ...

How to File an EEOC Employment Discrimination Charge | CIO


Apr 29, 2011 ... Filing a discrimination charge with the EEOC is surprisingly easy, and ... about your complaint, such as whether your complaint pertains to a job ...

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Handling an EEOC Complaint


The best way to avoid charges of discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or other fair employment practices agencies is to ...

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How To File A Charge - EEOC


Note: Federal employees and job applicants have a different complaint process. You may file a charge of employment discrimination at the EEOC office closest ...

Contact Us - EEOC


Contact EEOC. Quick help: Need quick answers? Search our database of frequently asked questions. Ready to file a charge of employment discrimination?

Time Limits For Filing A Charge - EEOC


Note: Federal employees and job applicants have a different complaint process, and generally must contact an agency EEO Counselor within 45 days. The time ...