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Emo originated as an outgrowth of the hardcore punk scene of early ... familiar tropes in later generations of emo music, including nostalgia, ... the only time " emocore" had any consensus...

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Jul 17, 2008 ... Admittedly their music is by no means emo – more post-hardcore with elements ... helped shape the sound of bands later affiliated with the genre. .... Just like emo, the modern meaning of screamo has come under fire from critics. ... Originally coined in the mid-eighties to describe a flurry of hardcore bands ...

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Emo History & Origin ... At first it grew from punk music in the 80's. ... From the 2000's forward, it was a full blow trend in music and fashion, but of course, the style ...

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Jul 22, 2014 ... They'll just about all be right, too (if Last.fm is any kind of reference, anyway). ... The Golden Era gave emo its unequivocally best songs, and it also birthed .... think emo's thick-rimmed glasses and sweater schtick came from, anyway? ... Originally released in '94 as the A-side of a two-song 7″, “Gloria...

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Apr 21, 2003 ... Emotional-punk music's history is highly debatable, both because bands ... Most emo-privy people mark the emergence of the genre as being in 1984, ... Since emo emerged from the underground and came into the national ...

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Emo music is sub music ground of hard-care punk. ... When it comes to the emo music scene, there are many bands that may ... The genre developed in the early 1980's arguably from such influences as the Cure and Sunny Day Real Estate.

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Jun 17, 2016 ... This genre is still alive today, although very obscure and unknown to ... Emo still has its roots firmly planted in music with "emotion" is at its ... You can get into a hundred pointless debates about the definition and origin of emo.

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Originally an arty outgrowth of hardcore punk, emo became an important force in underground rock by the late '90s, appealing to modern-day punks and ...

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youth subculture that listens to a specific genre of music, which is characterized ... What generally seems to be agreed upon is the origin of Emo music. In.

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This site is intended to be a basic FAQ and primer on emo - short for "emotional. ... This page lays out the different styles of emo music, with descriptions and lots ...

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However, history has shown that it is rash to attribute the formation of a musical genre to one band. By looking at the musical scenes of the late 1980's and early  ...

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Mar 26, 2006 ... Is emo a type of music — and if so, what makes the screaming guitars and ... Originally associated with dense, caustic music and nontraditional song structure (no verse, chorus ... With accessibility came radio and MTV airplay.

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... post hard core which still comes under the categorie of emo, this is too heavy to ... People use the term emo music as a narrow minded attempt at attempting to ... Modern pop punk should not be confused with this genre under pain of death.