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Truth-telling and Withholding Information: Ethical Topic in Medicine


Apr 11, 2008 ... Discusses ethical issues relating to truth telling, including patient preferences, family requests, placebo, and potential harm. Guidelines ...

Truth Telling

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Definition: Truth-telling, or veracity, can be defined as the avoidance of lying, ... about their diagnoses is a relatively new addition to the ethics of health care.

The doctor's dilemma: Truth telling


The ethical dilemma relates to whether the doctor should inform the patient of his criticality and lessen .... Telling truth to patients: A clinical ethics exploration.

Truth Telling to Terminally Ill Patients: To Tell or not to Tell


Oct 7, 2013 ... Christmas holiday. Truth telling to terminally ill patients is a common ethical dilemma in health care ethics: to inform or not to inform, is the main ...

Truth Telling - Bioethics Research Library


The issue of truth-telling in bioethics is closely related to that of Informed Consent , ... The primary issue in biomedical ethics concerning truth-telling is the one ...

Requests to Withhold the Truth at the End of Life - International ...


A frequent ethical dilemma in Cancer Medicine is the question of truthfulness with ... Hence, while relatives may regard truth telling as something potentially ...

'Doctor, Are You Telling Me the Truth?' Exclusive Ethics Survey ...


Nov 30, 2010 ... How much to tell very ill patients; quandaries about pain treatment, and decisions over giving "placebo" treatments are ethical issues that ...

Truth-telling in the doctor–patient relationship: a ... - Dr Daniel K Sokol


discussion, I reflect on several practical and theoretical issues on truth-telling in the ... ethics, and he has recently submitted his PhD on the ethics of truth- telling ...

Truth-Telling in a Medical Setting - The New York Times


Feb 27, 2014 ... The American Medical Association's code of ethics states this ... of the New York edition with the headline: Truth-Telling in a Medical Setting.

Nurses' Ethical Dilemmas With Advanced Cancer Patients - Medscape


The types of ethical dilemmas reported by the oncology nurses fell into 3 main ... Barriers to truth telling were described by nurses when they were unsure about ...

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Honesty in Medicine: should doctors tell the truth? - Universidad de ...


The importance of not doing harm in effect relegated truth telling to the category of "everything else ...

Is It Ever OK to Lie to Patients? | Roswell Park Cancer Institute


Aside from the ethical mandate of truth telling in the modern age of medicine, physicians in most states are also legally obligated to disclose all relevant health  ...

Telling the Truth - A Tussle between Four Principles of Ethics


Feb 10, 2014 ... Keywords: 4 Principles of ethics; Autonomy and justice; Nurses and autonomy .... Telling the Truth - A Tussle between Four Principles of Ethics.