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Ewe people, an ethnic group in Eastern part of Ghana, Benin and Togo. Ewe language, the language of the Ewe people; Ewe music, music of the Ewe people  ...

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Ewe definition, a female sheep, especially when fully mature. See more.

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Warnings For this Fic: EWE (It does not follow the epilogue, though it may follow the plot of HP Book 7.) #fanfic #fanfiction #slash #yaoi #mm #hp. by Rivka24 ...

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From Middle English ewe, from Old English ēowu, from Proto-Germanic *awiz ( compare Old English ēow (“sheep”), West Frisian ei, Dutch ooi, German Aue), ...

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ewe meaning, definition, what is ewe: a female sheep, especially an adult one: . Learn more.

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Information on EWE AG. Facts and figures, structures, press releases, vacancies and much more.

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2[mass noun] The language of the Ewe, belonging to the Kwa group. It has about 3 million speakers. Example sentences. 'While most publications in the ...

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Most people have precious few opportunities to use the word ewe. For most of us, it's most valuable as a three-letter word for crossword puzzles. For example: ...

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Define ewe and get synonyms. What is ewe? ewe meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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ewe (n.) Look up ewe at Dictionary.com: Old English eowu "female sheep," fem. of ... Old Church Slavonic ovica "ewe," Old Irish oi "sheep," Welsh ewig "hind").

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Middle English, from Old English ēowu; akin to Old High German ouwi ewe, Latin ovis sheep, Greek ois. First Known Use: before 12th century ...

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The EWE (Entrepreneurial Women's Expo), in State College, PA, is an event that will encourage and support aspirations, talents and ambitions of all women ...

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A member of a people inhabiting southeast Ghana, southern Togo, and southern Benin. 2. The Gbe language of the Ewe people.