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An adverbial clause is commonly, but not always, fronted by a subordinate conjunction—sometimes called a trigger word. (In the examples below the adverbial ...

Examples of Adverb Clauses

Examples of adverb clauses are a great way to see how they function as an adverb and modify verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

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Most of the time, an adverb clause will be separated from the other clause with a comma. Here are a few examples of sentences with and without commas:.

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Finally, you will notice that the clause answers one of these four adverb questions: How? When? Where? or Why? Read these examples: Tommy scrubbed the ...
We can say that an adverb may serve as an adverbial, but an adverbial is not necessarily an adverb." "[The class of adverbial] includes manner and degree adverbs (e.g. happily, clumsily, quickly, very), temporal adverbials (e.g. now, when, today), spatial adverbials (h... More »
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The name "adverbial" suggests that adverbial clauses modify verbs; but they modify whole clauses, as shown by the examples [below]. Their other key property ...

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In the examples above, the normal adverb and adverbial clause both tell us when the gong is to be hit. They are both adverbs of time. All adverbs (including ...


An adverb clause is a subordinate clause used to modify a verb, adjective, or adverb in ... Example: As we approached the intersection, we saw the Nelsons' car.

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So that clause 'that the enemy was driven off' was the Adverb-Clause of Result. Examples: In the following sentences the adverb-clauses have been colored ...

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