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An adverbial clause is a dependent clause that functions as an adverb; that is, the entire clause ... (In the examples below the adverbial clause is italicized and the subordinate conjunction is bol...

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Examples of adverb clauses are a great way to see how they function as an adverb and modify verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

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Most of the time, an adverb clause will be separated from the other clause with a comma. Here are a few examples of sentences with and without commas:.

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Adverb clauses provide rich context within sentences. Learn more clauses, see adverb clause examples, exercises & more - here!

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Adverb Clauses Examples. Adverb Clauses. You already know that some types of clauses are subordinate, or dependent. This means that they do not express a  ...

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Finally, you will notice that the clause answers one of these four adverb questions: How? When? Where? or Why? Read these examples: Tommy scrubbed the ...

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What is an Adverb Clause? Here you'll find a helpful definition and several examples that help you understand their usage in sentences. Click here.

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Punctuation: When an adverb clause comes before an independent clause, as in example a, a comma is used to separate the clauses. When the adverb clause ...

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An adverbial clause is a group of words which plays the role of an adverb. (Like all clauses, an adverbial clause will contain a subject and a verb.) For example:.

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Simple examples and definition of Adverb Clause. An adverb clause (or adverbial clause) is a clause that works as an adverb in a sentence. Its role is to show ...