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More than 250 conversation starters for your enjoyment! A list of great random conversation starters as well as questions organized into topics!


What else can you do to encourage good conversation? I have asked friends from around the web to help with some conversation starters. Here's our favorites!


Nov 26, 2014 ... 100 questions to spark conversation & connection. “A real ... Let's have real conversations. ... What was the best part of your day, so far?


Apr 28, 2014 ... Ask open-ended questions that invite people to tell stories, rather ... Like too many bowls of ice cream, too much of a good conversation can ...


When you're having a conversation with a fellow ESL student, it can sometimes be challenging to get started. Even if you and your classmate are great co...


Jun 21, 2016 ... When meeting someone for the first time or trying to get to know someone better, you need to know some good conversation starters. What do ...


List of Conversation Topics! Get the list of great conversation topics perfect for first date or just regular conversation with a woman.


Jul 30, 2012 ... I always wanted to know what excellent conversation questions were. I desperately wanted to be an interesting conversation partner. I wanted ...


Apr 15, 2015 ... I have found that my best professional relationships start with a casual conversation and genuine connection. Then, once you've established a ...