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Fabric definition, a cloth made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers: woolen fabrics. See more.


Our dictionary has about 1.000 explanations for fabric-related terms and expressions and it therefore is a valueable source for anyone dealing width fabrics or ...


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Abrasion Resistance - The degree by which a fabric is able to withstand loss of appearance through surface wear, rubbing, chafing, and other frictional actions.


Define fabric: structure, building; underlying structure : framework — fabric in a sentence. ... You're going to have to memorize the dictionary again. Take the quiz .


Fabric Dictionary - Definitions of common fabrics and textiles.


The most common use of fabric is for clothes: for example, denim is the fabric used to make jeans. All clothes are made of some type or combination of fabrics.


Fabric is defined as cloth, or the basic framework of something. An example of fabric is cotton. An example of fabric is family; our family is the fabric of our life.


Acetate is a fiber primarily used in fabrics for pants and jacket linings. Acetate is silky, thin, dries fast and is resistant to shrinking and stretching. Acetate fabrics ...