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Otters are carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. The 13 extant otter species are all ..... Jump up ^ M & P Briggs, The Natural History of British Isles, pp .334-5; Jump up ^ "Facts about otters". Otter World. Retrieved 2016-01-01. Jump up ...


Dec 20, 2015 ... Otters use their dung—known as spraint—to mark territory and communicate with other otters. The mammals like to keep things organized ...


Top Facts about Otters. Otters are fun creatures to watch and they are highly intelligent. Most of us don't know much about them so here are some facts to help  ...


Jun 17, 2016 ... Otters are streamlined, thick-furred swimmers found all over the world.


Sep 20, 2016 ... Things you otter know about these charismatic mammals found around the world.


Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about sea otters.


Sep 20, 2013 ... Widely considered the cutest animal in the ocean, sea otters have a troubled history with humans. Let's celebrate these adorable creatures!


Ten Facts about Sea Otters. Date: 13 September 2010; Author: Elissa Leibowitz Poma, WWF Travel Manager; H Comments ...


Check out our range of fun otter facts for kids. Learn where the otter lives, what they eat, what a group of otters is called, the names of various otter species and ...