Pregnant goldfish are called twit. ... In fact, touching a goldfish can endanger its health, because it can cause the protective slime coat to be damaged or ...

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Find out all about goldfish pregnancy! ... Facts – Fun facts about goldfish. ... How do you tell if you have a pregnant goldfish and what is a pregnant goldfish ...

How to Tell If a Goldfish Is Pregnant | eHow

How to Tell If a Goldfish Is Pregnant. Goldfish don't get pregnant; they're oviparous: The females swell with eggs, which they release in the water and connect ...

What are the signs of a pregnant goldfish? |

In technical terms, goldfish don't actually get pregnant as they are not ... out if a goldfish is ready to lay eggs, is to first determine that she is in fact a female.

All About Aquarium Fish: Can my goldfish become pregnant and ...

Goldfish actually don't become pregnant like most people always think they do. The fact is, just like any egg-laying fish species, goldfish actually breed and ...

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Pure Goldfish provides free facts, help & information about keeping pet goldfish. The top website for goldfish keepers online! ... Is My Goldfish Pregnant? Round ...

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Apr 1, 2008 ... In fact, they may even eat the eggs, and so the eggs and baby fry will need ..... I did not know that goldfish was pregnant and when it laid eggs i ...

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Clever Facts Section ... A pregnant goldfish has been incorrectly termed twit, twat or twerp in slang language. Ultimately, goldfish lay eggs. Thus, there cannot be ...

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Right before spawning, male goldfish begin to chase female goldfish. Hobbyists call this the spawning chase. In fact, this behavior is the most reliable way to tell ...

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Mar 17, 2012 ... Random Fact:A pregnant goldfish is called a twit. Click Here For Fun Movie Facts.

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