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The goldfish (Carassius auratus) is a freshwater fish in the family Cyprinidae of order ..... In fact, touching a goldfish can endanger its health, because it can cause the protective slime coat to be damaged or removed, exposing the fish's skin to ...


As you may have read in our recent post answering the question “Do goldfish lay eggs?“, goldfish don't actually give birth to “live” young that swim away as soon ...


In technical terms, goldfish don't actually get pregnant as they are not ... out if a goldfish is ready to lay eggs, is to first determine that she is in fact a female.


Are you interested in goldfish reproduction? Whether you want to breed goldfish yourself or you're just curious about how it all works, learning about how these ...


Breeding process in goldfish explained, facts. How to tell the sex of your goldfish. Breeding behavior, signs to look for, raising fry, breeding tank, fry food.


Right before spawning, male goldfish begin to chase female goldfish. Hobbyists call this the spawning chase. In fact, this behavior is the most reliable way to tell ...


Jan 2, 2015 ... Can goldfish be pregnant? Is it possible ... Pregnant Goldfish. Round, chubby bellies on goldfish are sometimes spotted either at the fish store or in your own tank. Could it be ... In fact I recommend sand over rocks any day.


Goldfish actually don't become pregnant like most people always think they do. The fact is, just like any egg-laying fish species, goldfish actually breed and ...

Dec 28, 2010 ... Either pregnant or fat this gold fish is HUGE!!!! ... you feed your oranda gold fish much and they became fat and you is taling they are pregent.
Feb 13, 2012 ... um I am 11 years old and have had my pregnant fish for 1 and half ... is there something wrong with the fact that I have for baby goldfish in 5 ...