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"Teacup" is the unofficial description for any toy dog that is smaller than the American Kennel Club standard for that breed. According to the AKC, an average Yorkie weighs between...

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Yorkshire Terrier


The breed is nicknamed Yorkie and is placed in the Toy Terrier section of the ... use, we may see some reason why reliable facts have not been easily attained.".

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The most popular toy dog breed in the U.S., the "Yorkie" has won many fans with his ..... An interesting fact is that Yorkies tend to become lighter with age.

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May 14, 2015 ... We want to know everything about dogs. Everything! But there are countless breeds of dog out there, and each one is a unique animal with its ...

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Jun 22, 2014 ... Yorkies have hair, not fur. Unlike most dogs, Yorkies don't shed because they have only a single layer of fine hair—like humans—instead of an ...

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YORKIE FACTS. YORKSHIRE TERRIERS are very energetic, as they are a true terrier. The breed standard is between 3 to 7 lbs. Yorkies are a single coated ...

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Apr 28, 2014 ... German Shepherds are loyal, we know, and Labs and Golden Retrievers, sure but Yorkies? In fact, Yorkshire Terriers are known for their ...

Yorkshire Terriers: What's Good and Bad About Yorkies


For certain, the Yorkie is lively and inquisitive, physically and mentally quick, and spends much time trotting (or dashing) around checking things out.

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Is there an official variety who are smaller than the standard 4 to 7 pounds (1.81 to 3.17 kg) ? Let's discuss the facts regarding Toy, Miniature and Teacup Yorkies.

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Q: What is a random fact about yorkies?
A: The smallest dog ever recorded was a Yorkie. Her name was Sylvia and she stood Read More »
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Q: What is an interesting fact about yorkies?
A: They are originally from England, and they were historically rat-catchers Read More »
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Q: New facts about yorkies?
A: they need lots of love and attention. Require daily brushing to keep the coat free of matts and looking good. Feed a good quality puppy food twice a day. Water ... Read More »
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Q: Facts about Yorkies...?
A: That is a little young to be getting a puppy. Make sure when you get him, you bring him to the vet and get some dewormer as he may have worms and could pass it ... Read More »
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Q: What Are Some Facts About A Yorkie?
A: Yorkies have hair instead of fur, so they are said not to cause the usual dog allergies. The suffer from several hereditary ailments as a breed including hypogl... Read More »
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