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Pearl hunting is the act of recovering pearls from oysters in the sea. Pearl hunting used to be ... In order to find enough pearl oysters, free-divers were often forced to descend to depths of over ...

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Pearl diving has been around since ancient times and pearls have been praised and valued by many cultures. Egyptians were buried with pearls, Rome ...

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Mar 3, 2016 ... In the early days, pearl divers regularly faced the threat of shark attacks as well as the dreaded crippling effects of the bends with every dive.

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Facts on Pearl Diving. Pearl diving has been an important part of human culture for millenniums. Used as primitive currency, jewelry and a symbol of wealth, ...

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Pearl diving has been a successful business throughout the world for thousands of years. Mexico, however, was once the world's foremost supplier of pearls.

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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), pearl divers risked death by drowning and shark attacks, in addition to damaged eardrums, to dive for oysters in the Persian  ...

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Nov 14, 2013 ... Diving, or using a net to retrieve oysters from the river or ocean floor were ... The majority of traditional pearl divers in Japan are women, and ...

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Dec 11, 2007 ... Within Australia, pearl shells travelled further perhaps than any other item ... Pearl divers regularly faced the threat of shark attack as well as the ...

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Before 'black gold' there were pearls. In the centuries before oil was discovered, pearling was the mainstay of the Dubai economy. Read more...

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Feb 28, 2005 ... Introduction. Many thousands of years ago, long before written history, human beings probably discovered the first pearl while searching the ...

Facts on Pearl Diving
Pearl diving has been an important part of human culture for millenniums. Used as primitive currency, jewelry and a symbol of wealth, pearls -- and the divers who pursue them -- have greatly influenced local economies throughout history. Pearls differ... More »
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