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This is a list of notable Romani people and people of Romani origin. Part of a series on .... songwriter. Daughter of German Gypsy who survived Auschwitz. .... Romany Gypsy Notables · Famous Gypsies · Prominente Roma · Goethe Institut.


In this page we present some famous people who are/were Roma or ... Born in a family of Gypsy musicians, János Balázs excelled in painting and poetry.


Sep 15, 2014 ... Many famous artists, scientists and performers are proud of their Roma ... According to the magazine "Gypsy Roma Traveller", one of the best ...


Top most beautiful famous gypsy, biography, photos.


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Oct 21, 2013 ... These bohemian travelers were the inspiration for Iain McKell's stunning photographic journey “The New Gypsies,” which explores the many ...

Apr 18, 2010 ... 100% checked Gypsies ! 10. Husnu Senlendirici 9. Azis 8. Esma Redzepova 7. Rajko Djuric 6. Yul Brynner 5. Michael Caine 4. Marko Markovic ...


My late friend No Guns was a gypsy. She was only known in the counterculture. She is the most outrageous person I have ever known.


Jan 11, 2006 ... Some Roma/Gypsy Comic Book Characters. - Magneto - Doctor Doom - Robin/ Nightwing - Quicksilver - Scarlet Witch - Meggan