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Félix Dujardin (5 April 1801 – 8 April 1860) was a French biologist born in Tours. He is remembered for his research of protozoans and other invertebrates.

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Félix Dujardin (April 5, 1802 – April 8, 1860) is an French biologist and cytologist who is known for his studies in the classification of protozoans and ...

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Key scientists and their contribution to the development of the cell theory. ... Felix Dujardin, recognized the existence of single celled organisms. Cell division, the ...

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Schleiden and Schwann though that each body of plant and animal consisted of cell. Felix Dujardin (1835) said that the most important part of living cell was the ...

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To the Cell Theory, Dujardin discovered a jelly-like substance inside of the cells, which we now know as Cytoplasm.

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Aug 28, 2011 ... Slide 3: CELL THEORY History Robert Hooke (1665) Antoine Van Leeuwenhoek Jean Baptiste Pierre De Monet (1809) Felix Dujardin (1835) ...

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nucleus. Felix Dujardin-1835, first to. notice cytoplasm. Matthias Schleiden-1839,. wrote a paper stating all. plants are made of cells. Theodor Schwann-1839,.

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For, among other reasons, it was long before the word, "cell," acquired the ... to which cells are the basic units of all animals and plants and Felix Dujardin's ...

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Discovered the cell nucleus in the flowering plant Tradescantia 1835…………… Felix Dujardin……………Described protoplasm in protozoa & considered it to be  ...

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Typical plant and animal cells viewed through virtual microscopes ... Marcello Malpighi; Anton van Leeuwenhoek; Robert Brown; Felix Dujardin; Robert Hooke  ...

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Dec 5, 2014 ... Félix Dujardin, (born April 5, 1801, Tours, Fr.—died April 8, 1860, Rennes) French biologist and cytologist, noted for his studies in the ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Felix Dujardin at Encyclopedia.com. ... because he never integrated his notion of sarcode with the concept of the cell.

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Felix Dujardin is a French biologist and cytologist who is knownfor his studies in the classification of protozoans andinvertebrates.