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Félix Dujardin (5 April 1801 – 8 April 1860) was a French biologist born in Tours. He is remembered for his research of protozoans and other invertebrates.


Félix Dujardin (April 5, 1802 – April 8, 1860) is an French biologist and cytologist who is known for his studies in the classification of protozoans and ...


Felix Dujardin made his largest contribution to cell theory when he proposed the classification of a new type of single-celled organism which he called rhizopoda ...


Get information, facts, and pictures about Felix Dujardin at Encyclopedia.com. ... because he never integrated his notion of sarcode with the concept of the cell.


Jul 20, 1998 ... Félix Dujardin, (born April 5, 1801, Tours, Fr.—died April 8, 1860, Rennes), French biologist and cytologist, noted for his studies in the ...


Key scientists and their contribution to the development of the cell theory. ... Felix Dujardin, recognized the existence of single celled organisms. Cell division, the ...


Aug 28, 2011 ... Slide 3: CELL THEORY History Robert Hooke (1665) Antoine Van Leeuwenhoek Jean Baptiste Pierre De Monet (1809) Felix Dujardin (1835) ...


Felix Dujardin is a French biologist and cytologist who is knownfor his studies in the classification of protozoans andinvertebrates.


he contributed to cell theory - discovered cytoplasm the jelly-like substance in cells.


Hooke also used "cells" to describe other fluid-filled cavities and channels in sections ... With the discovery of protoplasm by Felix Dujardin (1801-1860 ) and the ...