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Box elder, boxelder maple, ash-leaved maple, and maple ash are its most ... is fully dioecious and both a "male" and "female" tree are needed for either to ...

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A native North American maple tree with widespread distribution, box elder (Acer negundo) prefers bottomland along watercourses throughout its range, ...

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May 26, 2014 ... The boxelder tree, Acer negundo, (A-ser ne-GOON-do) is actually a very beautiful tree. It can be the centerpiece of your yard. If it's a female, ...

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Nov 6, 2014 ... Boxelder bugs usually feed on the leaves, flowers, and seedpods of the female or seedbearing box elder tree (Acer negundo), although they ...

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Sep 7, 2006 ... I should have known someone would want to know how to tell the gender of a female box elder tree: Hey, Answer Man! I was traveling south on ...

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Boxelder is not a recommended tree to plant in your yard. ... still share the original boxelder tree's undesirable characteristics that include unattractive female fruit ...

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Another trait the box elder does not share with most maples is that its flowers develop in hanging clusters on separate female and male trees. The male box ...

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Boxelder is native to portions of the southern tier and Susquehana Valley, but has become more broadly established throughout many parts of the state.

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The trees are tall, so they would be expensive to move. I've been told that only the female trees with seeds attract boxelder bugs. Do males attract the bugs?

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The samaras are the seeds of the tree, and in the box elder, only the female trees have the samaras. They grow from the limbs of the tree, and begin as a ...

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A: If you have a severe problem with boxelder bugs every year, and feel you just don't want to tolerate them, you may want to consider removal of the female box el... Read More »
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Q: Where is the Boxelder tree found?
A: Acer negundo or better known as Box Elder, Boxelder Maple, and Maple Ash can be Read More »
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Q: What is a boxelder tree?
A: Boxelder is native to portions of the southern tier and Susquehana Valley, but has become Read More »
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Q: Bagworms on Boxelder Trees.
A: Bagworms are caterpillars or the larvae of a moth native to Pennsylvania. The adult moth is brown and hairy with clear wings. The grub-like females do not have ... Read More »
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Q: Do Boxelder Bugs Like Pine Trees?
A: The western boxelder bug is an elliptical insect measuring approximately 1/2 inch. It is primarily black, but has one thin red stripe running down the middle of... Read More »
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