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Glossary of fencing


Broadsword: A military sword and fencing weapon popular in the 18th-19th centuries, similar to a heavy sabre. Beginning only in the late 20th century, this term ...

Glossary of Fencing Terms - Synec-doc


Description of actions and items used in fencing with equivalents in French.

How to Understand Basic Fencing Terminology: 13 Steps


How to Understand Basic Fencing Terminology. If you're new to fencing or you're "checking it out" to determine if it is the sport for you (and it is, if challenging ...

Fencing Terms | Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC


This is a list of terms that we frequently use in Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC ( CCF). A few notes about this list is necessary. First, although it includes some ...

Glossary of Terms - British Fencing


A glossary of terms commonly used in fencing. Absence of blade. when swords are not in contact. Advance. to step forward. Aids. the last three fingers of the ...

Definitions of Fencing Terms - Fitness Fencing


Fitness Fencing at SERFA, Salute Engarde Ready Fencing Academy. New Cardio workout for strength, stamina, self-discipline and spirit.

Renaissance-Fencing Terminology


Definitions & Study Terminology In the effort to help practitioners apply a more accurate vocabulary and formal lexicon of Historical Fencing, ARMA presents a ...

Glossaire de l'escrime - FIE

fie.org/uploads/4/24222-glossaires escrime ANG.pdf

Brief glossaries of fencing. 1. General glossaries. 2. Glossary of weapons and equipment. 3. Glossary of combat and events terms. 4. Glossary of artistic and ...

Glossary - Classical Fencing: The Martial Art of Incurable Romantics


Balestra. A “jump” forward. Some schools use this term for the jump forward followed by the lunge. We use it only to refer to the jump itself. Beat. A preparation.

Fencing Glossary - Amarillo College Fencing Association


acfa_banner_rounded.jpg. Fencing Terms Glossary ... Analysis: reconstruction of the fencing phrase to determine priority of touches. Assault: friendly combat ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are sport fencing terms?
A: Currently, three types of weapon are used in Olympic fencing: Foil: a light thrusting weapon; the valid target is restricted to the torso; double hits are not a... Read More »
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Q: What are popular Fencing terms?
A: There are so many, so I'll just give you a few of the common ones. Epee / sabre / foil - the three types of fencing. Allez - begin a fencing bout. En guard - fe... Read More »
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Q: What is the fencing term for a hit.
A: Point or Touche, but only in épée, when a fencer scores a valid hit first in a fencing action. This is the only term that refers to a 'hit'. Read More »
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Q: What is the definition for the fencing term touche?
A: Touche: a term used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success, or appropriateness of an argument. It literally means "to touch" in French. report this answ... Read More »
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Q: How do you spell on guard in fencing terms?
A: The term from French is " en garde. " (said at the beginning of a bout) Read More »
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