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The outer surface of a fiberglass boat is normally a special resin called gelcoat. Gelcoat has little structural value-the underlying laminates of resin-saturated ...

Jun 2, 2010 ... How to restore boat fiberglass that is severely oxidized (or painted automotive surfaces) without wetsanding with Bio-Kleen Restore & Shine.
Jul 1, 2011 ... This video focuses on the demonstration process to restore color and shine back to a faded and oxidized colored fiberglass boat.


A great way to increase the resale value of a fiberglass boat is to restore the gelcoat. Boat owners often accept the worn-out exterior as an inevitable ...


One of the most frequent questions that a marine surveyor is asked is whether it is worthwhile to paint a fiberglass boat. The answer is a qualified yes, so long as  ...


Repainting can be done professionally or by the boat owners themselves. ... In fact, many are toxic and require a positive pressure mask and spray booth when painting. ... However, with care, your fiberglass boat can look showroom new for its ...


Fiberglass boat restoration is not for everyone, but with the new boat polishers available, now beginners can produce professional results!


American Boat Restoration,certified, top quality fiberglass,gelcoat and polyflake boat repair service. Complete cosmetic and structural boat repair specialist.


Jul 16, 2012 ... Does the gelcoat on your boat look chalky and old and need to be restored ... shine) or fiberglass polish (for a longer-lasting shine) for this step.


How To Restore Like New Color & Shine to Fiberglass Gelcoat on Boats And Filon Fiberglass Panels on RV's. It would be helpful if you have read our article on ...