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Lower Leg Fractures (Broken Tibia and Fibula) with Surgical Fixation


Fractured Tibia and Fibula (Broken Lower Leg Bones) with Fixation Surgery. This medical illustration series pictures the bones of the right lower leg revealing ...

Cutaway medical illustration shows repaired fibula and tibia with ...


... rod and screws. | See more about Medical Illustration, Cutaway and Medical. ... Lower Leg Fractures (Broken Tibia and Fibula) with Surgical Fixation More ...

Fibula Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures | Shutterstock


Fibula stock photos, vectors and illustrations from Shutterstock, the world's largest royalty-free image, video, ... Xray left leg tibia and fibula fracture - stock photo ...

AMICUS Illustration of ORIF,reduction,fixation,fibula,fracture ...


Stock medical illustrations of ORIF,reduction,fixation,fibula,fracture,intraoperative, plate,instrument,postoperative.

Fibula Fracture Fixation - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy ...


Large PDF - $359.00 (As-Is). Order by phone: (800) 338-5954. Item #exh53565a — Source #1. Fibula Fracture Fixation - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy ...

Distal tibia - Reduction & Fixation - Plate and screws - B3 - AO ...

www2.aofoundation.org/wps/portal/surgery?showPage=redfix&bone=Tibia&segment=Distal&classification=43-B3&treatment=&method=ORIF&implantstype=Plate and screws&approach=&redfix_url=1285238987257&Language=en

If the fibular fracture is simple, this fracture is fixed as a first step by open ... through the posterior part of the medial malleolus, as shown in the illustration.

ORIF of Fibula Fracture - Amicus Visual Solutions


Medical diagrams and resources regarding ORIF of Fibula Fracture. ... Illustration of intraoperative view of instrument securing tubular plate to fibula, and ...

ORIF of Fibula Fracture - Medical Exhibits


Medical exhibits, demonstrative aids, Illustrations and Models ... This medical image is titled 'ORIF of Fibula Fracture' and has the exhibit number of ' 05001_03X' ...

AMICUS Illustration of amicus,surgery,ORIF,reduction,fixation,fibula ...


Stock medical illustrations of amicus,surgery,ORIF,reduction,fixation,fibula, fracture,intraoperative,plate,instrument,postoperative.

Ankle Fractures In Children-OrthoInfo - AAOS


Ankle fractures in children are more likely to involve the tibia and fibula (the long bones in the .... (Above) Standard illustrations of growth plate fracture types.

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The Maisonneuve Fracture of the Fibula - Ortopedia Virtual


ture associated with an ankle fracture or deltoid ligament tear. .... the fibula fracture, the greater the damage to .... (Fig. 2). In the same illustration, the analogy.

ORIF of Right Tibia and Fibula Fractures | High Impact


ORIF of Right Tibia and Fibula Fractures ... Scroll down to see more of our medical illustrations, or request a quote to learn how ... ORIF of Acetabular Fracture.

Fractures of the Tibia and Fibula - PracticalPlasticSurgery.org


Fractures of the tibia and fibula are a special concern because missing early warning ... The tibia and the fibula are the two long bones of the calf. Fractures of.