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Fijian food has traditionally been very healthy. Fijians prefer a more tuber and coconut based diet. High caloric foods are good for hard-working villagers who ...

Flavoursome Fiji: The Best Cuisine From the South Pacific Island


The basic elements of Fijian food consist of sweet potatoes, taro, rice, cassava, coconut and fish, using mostly open fire or underground cooking methods.

Fiji Food


Traditional Fijian food is a wonderful amalgam of fresh, local ingredients found in the tropics and the traditional preparations and cooking methods passed down ...

What is Fijian Food? - Twenty-Something Travel


Jun 14, 2012 ... Unfortunately, there isn't much out there on the internet about food in Fiji. I'm not sure why because there are some really interesting and ...

Food and Eating in Fiji - Fiji Focus


FOOD. Fiji is famous for their seafood. Their fish, prawn, lobster and cray cuisines are a culinary creator's dream. If you have the chance, try the KOKODA (pron: ...

Feasting in Fiji | Cultural Survival


As with most island cuisines, Fijian food is heavily influenced by and dependent on what the ocean has to offer. Along with palolo, traditional dishes include a ...

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Traditional Fijian food - delicious and unique to our islands. Tucking into local tucker. Fijian food made in traditional earth oven. ... more ...

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Food, Dining, & Drinks in Fiji. Historic Diet. Much of Fiji's population today lives on the large volcanic islands that form the heart of the country, although ...

Fiji food: delicious and natural traditional island cuisine - Worldette


Fiji is a land known for its beautiful beaches and rich culture, but what you may not know is that it's also home to many delicious, natural foods. Read on to learn  ...

Food and Drink in Fiji - World Travel Guide


Fiji Food and Drink guide. Details on Fiji foods and regional specialities, types of food available in Fiji and tourist info on restaurants, tipping and drinking age.

The national dish(es) of Fiji include(s): Lovo and Yaqona.
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Travel Alert: The political situation in Fiji is uncertain and could deteriorate rapidly, especially in and around Suva. Check Safe Travel for current government warnings and the BBC for news ... More »