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The national flag of Fiji was adopted on 10 October 1970. The state arms have been slightly modified but the flag has remained the same as during Fiji's colonial  ...


Feb 22, 2017 ... Fiji's flag flew for the first time on Independence Day, October 10, 1970. It includes the red, white and blue Union Flag of Britain in the top ...


The current flag of Fiji was officially adopted on October 10, 1970. The Union Jack (upper left), is representative of the country's long association with Great ...


Fiji flag colors - meaning/symbolism of National flag of Fiji - pictures history facts - All about Fiji flag information for kids.


Aug 17, 2016 ... Prime minister says cost of changing the flag, removing British colonial symbol, was too great and should be directed at cyclone recovery work.


Flag of Fiji with information including details about the state of Fiji. You will also learn the position and neighboring countries.


flag of Fiji: National flag consisting of a light blue field (background) bearing a Union Jack in the canton and the shield of the national coat of arms at the fly end.


Geographical and political facts, flags and ensigns of Fiji.


Fiji Flag. A flag guide illustrating the significance of the Fijian flag including a full description of the flag.