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About Florida Softshell Turtles
Florida softshell turtles have shells that are tan or dark brown on top and white or cream colored underneath, according to Lakejacksonturtles.org. Hatchlings of Florida softshell turtles are a dark brown olive color with large circular dark spots. The... More »
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Florida softshell turtle


The Florida softshell turtle typically has a dark brown to olive green, leathery carapace with a white or cream-colored underside, which visually conceals young ...

Florida Softshelled Turtle - National Zoo - Smithsonian Institution


The Florida softshell is the largest of the New World softshell turtles (which are all believed to have originated in the Old World) and has the most Old World ...

Florida Softshell Turtle - Reptiles Magazine


The hatchling Florida softshell turtle is an attractive species and a beautiful addition to a home aquarium. They are strong swimmers and thus do well in deeper ...

Species Profile: Florida Softshell (Apalone ferox) | SREL Herpetology


Description: Like other softshells, the Florida softshell turtle (Apalone ferox) is a large, flat turtle with skin covering its shell (resembling a pancake). It is the ...

Care Sheet - Florida Softshell - Austin's Turtle Page


This turtle does bask, so a basking spot will need to be provided. They prefer deep, soft-bottomed habitats, with a lot of vegetation. A shelf that is submerged just ...

ADW: Apalone ferox: INFORMATION


Florida softshell turtles are highly aquatic and are found in freshwater ponds, lakes, swamps, marshes, and sometimes drainage ditches. They are generally ...

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Florida Softshell Turtle Apalone ferox. Turtles are ancient shelled reptiles that have existed for 220 million years. Florida has more species of turtle than other ...

CTTC - Soft-shell turtles, Apalone sp. by C. Dee Dillon


The Florida soft-shell, Apalone ferox, resides in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and of course Florida. The smooth soft-shell turtle, Apalone mutica, can be ...

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Florida has approved strong conservation measures for freshwater turtles. Concerned ... Softshell turtles may not be taken from the wild from May 1 to July 31.

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Q: About Florida Softshell Turtles.
A: Florida softshell turtles have shells that are tan or dark brown on top and white or cream colored underneath, according to Lakejacksonturtles.org. Hatchlings o... Read More »
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Q: Turtles. /. Florida Softshell turtles and snapping turtles.
A: Hello Mark, turtles are not really an active pet. And Soft-Shell turtles usually hide over half the time. They bury themselves in sand at the bottom of the tank... Read More »
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Q: What do you do if you see a Florida Softshell Turtle in Californi...
A: I am from florida we have them every where. I am unsure if they aren't naturally from cali to, but if it is I would leave it there isn't much you can do. You co... Read More »
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Q: What turtle is larger Florida Softshell turtle or Aligator snappi...
A: aligator snapping turtle. Read More »
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Q: Florida SoftShell Turtle + African SideNeck Turtle?
A: It's never a good idea to mix species. How big is your tank going to be? Sounds like you're going to need a tank bigger than my house! Read More »
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