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By necessity, foods were cooked by very simple methods. .... Mostly forgotten is the 1800s use of spices as curatives: cinnamon bark relieves diarrhea and ...

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Food: Because these innovations in transportation were still in their infancy in 1815, however, most Americans ate what they grew or hunted locally. Corn and ...

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Many dinners include fast food or carryout delivery from places like KFC or McDonald's. ... During the early 1800s, cooking dominated the time and energy of the ...

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History of food in the 1800s. ... urban life grew increasingly grimy, country life was plagued by poor harvests and crop disease, leading to famine and food riots.

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The simple answer is lots of meat! The 1800s (the Regency period of English history) is a time of grand banquets and dinners much more elaborate than what.

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Although dining habits evolved considerably over the course of the century, meat, fish, vegetables and bread were the most commonly consumed foods of the ...

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Jun 12, 2012 ... Where we now refrigerate and freeze meat, in the 1800s the main way ... In 1812, preparing food took much more time and effort and was a lot ...

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Results 1 - 10 of 173 ... Stir honey into milk until dissolved. Add to beaten egg. Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the liquid and melted butter. Stir briskly and ...

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[1] The consumption of meat was hardly restricted to the upper classes, however: while Queen Anne was feasting on the aforementioned foods, her servants had ...

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Food in the 1800s. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. Why was the potato grown and consumed on such a widespread scale in Ireland? Potatoes were quite reliable ...