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After the end of the American Civil War, as part of the ongoing process of Reconstruction, the .... Reconstruction Amendments · First Military District, Second Military District, Third Milita...

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The Reconstruction Act, a series of 4 laws passed by Congress. Information about ... The Provisions of the Fourth Reconstruction Act of 1868 determined that: .

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December 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announces his reconstruction plan. .... March 1868, Congress passes the fourth Reconstruction Act. It allows the ...

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Jan 14, 2013 ... The enactment of the Fourth Reconstruction Act produced the results Congress was seeking. By July 21, 1868, seven Southern states ...

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Jun 23, 1998 ... A Timeline of Reconstruction: 1865-1877 ... 1866. Civil Rights Act passed despite Johnson's earlier veto. ... Fourth Reconstruction Act passed.

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(1867) The Reconstruction Acts ... CLIII - An Act to provide for the more efficient Government of the Rebel States ..... Fourth Reconstruction Act, March 11, 1868

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The Reconstruction Act put military generals from the North in charge of military districts in the South, it made former confederate states ratify the Fourteenth ...

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The Reconstruction Acts of 1867 to 1868 created five districts in the seceded states, headed by a military official who had the power to appoint and remove state ...

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March 11, 1868, 4th Reconstruction Act passed by Congress. This changed the defination of majority from majority of all voters to majority of voters casting ...

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The Reconstruction Act created five military districts in the seceded states (with the .... In response, Congress passed the Fourth Reconstruction Act on March 11,  ...

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In 1868, Johnson's violation of the Tenure of Office Act became the major charge ... Congress enacted the Fourth Reconstruction Act on March 11 over President ...

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Be it enacted . . ., That hereafter any election authorized by the act [of March 23, I867] . . ., shall be decided by a majority of the votes actually cast; and at the ...

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The role of Reconstruction Acts of 1867-1868 in the history of the United States of America.