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To convert a fraction into a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator. To change terminal decimals into fractions, count the number of decimal places, put the decimal's digits over 1 followed by the proper number of zeroes.
You should simply your fraction after converting from a decimal.



Convert fractions to decimals and millimeters and reverse.

Fraction to Decimal Conversion - Math2.org


Fraction to Decimal Conversion Tables ... Only fractions in lowest terms are listed. For instance, to find 2/8, first simplify it to 1/4 then search for it in the table ...



fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal ...

Our decimals to fractions conversion chart will help you determine dimensions before cutting quilting fabrics. More »
By Janet Wickell, About.com Guide

Inches and Decimal Equivalents - Engineering ToolBox


Convert inches to the decimal equivalents and vice verca: ... Fraction-Decimal Equivalents - Inches - fractional decimal equivalents; Length Units ... Conversion Chart - inches to mm - Convert fractional and/or decimal inches to metric mm or ...

Fraction to decimal conversions chart - fractions and decimals


Chart for fraction to decimal conversion, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, tenths, elevenths, twelfths, sixteenths and thirty-seconths by ...

Common Fractions with Decimal and Percent Equivalents


Common Fractions with Decimal and Percent Equivalents ... Converting Fractions , Decimals, and Percents · Tables and Formulas · Common Repeating ...

Conversion Table Fraction Equivalent - Goetz Printing


Conversion Table. Fraction. Decimal. Picas. Points. 1/16 .0625 .375. 4.5. 1/8 .125 .75. 9. 3/16 .1875. 1p1.51. 13.5. 1/4 .25. 1p6. 18. 5/16 .3125. 1p10.5. 22.5. 3/8.

Designers Toolbox Conversion Chart


Inch Fraction, Inch Decimal, Millimeters, Points. 1/64, 0.015625, 0.3969, 1.1292. 1/32, 0.03125, 0.7938, 2.2584. 3/64, 0.046875, 1.1906, 3.3877. 1/16, 0.0625 ...

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Q: How to Make a Fraction Equivalence Chart.
A: Generally, students begin learning about fractions in grade school. Introduction to fractions usually begin around the fourth grade, as students learn how to ad... Read More »
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Q: How to Use Conversion Charts for Measurements.
A: Measurement units vary throughout the world. The U.S. uses a length measurement system which uses inches, feet and miles. European countries use the metric syst... Read More »
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Q: What is the conversion of .25 to a fraction?
A: .25 is the same as 25% in other words 25/100, simplified 1/4. Read More »
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Q: What is conversion of fractions?
A: Generally speaking, when someone wants to know about conversions of fractions, it is to be assumed that this person wants to know about converting fractions to ... Read More »
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Q: What is 081 in fraction conversion.
A: 081 = 81/1. Read More »
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